Keep Or Sell? 6 Clutter Culprits To Ditch Now

Like going to the dentist or filing yearly taxes, most of will do anything to avoid cleaning out our closets. But, rather than living in a mosh pit of clutter, we've come up with a whole new (painless!) system.
Enter Jaclyn Shanfeld, the 29-year-old founder and CEO of Shop Hers, an online consignment store which allows users to price and sell their own high-end designer goods. Before starting the site, Shanfeld, like most of us, would hold on to an item she never wore in hopes that the trend would one day return and she would suddenly be excited to own it. "That’s sort of the old-school way of thought," says the entrepreneur. "But, now that you actually have a way in which you can sell it, make your money back, and buy that new Kenzo sweatshirt or distressed Rag & Bone jean that you've been salivating over."
So, how do you know when it's time to part with an item in your closet? Ahead, Shanfeld breaks down the six different categories of clutter to ditch immediately. Trust, the extra rack room will make it all worth it.