Add To Cart: Cozy Finds For A Night Out On The Couch

It's that joyous time between Christmas and New Years. Holiday spirits are high, there's a good chance you have a few days off from work, and for a moment, you are not hauling yourself off to a party, dinner, or insert other wonderful, yet exhausting event here.
As if the notion of staying home on the couch for an evening weren't already supremely sublime at this very moment, how about kicking back in a new pair of pretty silk PJs from luxe French label Equipment (currently on sale, might we add), holding a steaming mug of Scottish tea, while you alternate between rubbing your temples with "Quiet Mind" soothing balm (totally a thing) and giving yourself a champagne-inspired mani that'll make you the toast of New Year's brunch.
Yep, that's one lush night in on the ol' sofa. Sound like a plan of action you're ready and willing to take on? Then click through our weekly Sunday night checklist "Add To Cart" where we've put together a shopping cheat-sheet to maximize your precious online time so you can make the most of your offline time.

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