Goodbye, Oversized Bling! Meet 18 Dainty Gems Stealing The Spotlight

Okay, hear me out: Statement jewelry looks stellar on just about everybody, but it's called "statement" for a reason. These aren't the kind of pieces that you're typically able to wear all the time — they're once-a-weekers, at best. As a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing, I've always preferred a dainty bracelet to a bejeweled cuff. And, while there's nothing wrong with embracing bold accoutrements (Shourouk is amazing), these gems are simply not for everyday wear — or for everyone. An itsy-bitsy, studded earring; a skinny, chain necklace; a teensy, initial ring — these are my bread and butter.
And, Team R29's got a hunch that this season will be all about going back to the basics. So, if you, too, share similar sentiments with this editor, then boy, do we have some eye candy for you. Check out 18 of the sweetest, little gems to put a smile on your face and a sparkle on your ear, finger, neck, et cetera (including my personal favorite). The best part? We'll wear and love these delicate trinkets for years to come — making them worth every penny.

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