The A-To-Z Guide To Awesome Gifting

For those Scrabble buffs among us who love both letters and giving wonderful presents, we've got the ultimate game for you: the A-to-Z gift guide. And, in this delightful diversion, everyone's a winner — especially the people on your "very nice" list. Yes, we went in search of the top goodies for all the alphas on your list, and from "Artpop-Pop" to "Zodiac Note Cards," we left no "P" for "Pet Rock" unturned in our quest to bring you the best. So, ahead, we've got the 26 awesome, letter-assigned trinkets guaranteed to please.
But, why should we have all the fun? This logophile gift game's meant to be shared. Click through to see our selections, and then tell us below about your present picks for each and every character on your list!

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