16 Vivid Blazers To Upgrade Your Winter Wardrobe

If we had our way, there wouldn't ever be a need to cover up — the privilege of rocking tank dresses and cap sleeves year round is 90% of the reason we live here, after all. But, since SoCal has caught a chill of late — and some of us are regularly stuck in over-A.C.'ed Cubicleville — baring your arms and shoulders 24/7 isn't always practical. But, you have a choice: Dandify your upper half (and keep warm while you're at it) with a brazen blazer!
Before you stifle a yawn, know this: We're not talking about basic schoolboy versions, here. We're recommending slick, bold jackets that will cause a racket. From a trippy-print Clover Canyon coat to a tie-dyed Boy. by Band of Outsiders cloak, these 16 beautifully aggressive blazers will stand by you while you're working and playing hard. So, before you write a nasty note to the weatherman (or your HR rep), take the high road and have a go at our sweet ode to out-there outerwear.