Isabel Marant Makes Melrose Her New Home (Perhaps Literally!)

C'est vrai! Isabel Marant has finally opened a West Coast outpost, and we've already inquired about having our paychecks directly deposited to her new Melrose Place cash register. The location is a perfect blend of Marant's signature je ne sais quoi and Cali-cool, as evidenced by the oasis-like garden, neutral wood-paneled interior, and several skylights. Even the designer herself is smitten with SoCal, gushing, "There is such an amazing light and sky here, it would be a shame not to enjoy it." Oui couldn't have said it better ourselves!
The atelier-like boutique was blueprinted by Paris-based architect Franklin Azzi, with artwork created by fellow French artist Arnold Goron. And, while Rodeo was always an option, the woman behind the sneaker wedge opted for the tiny strip for its privacy, even revealing to WWD that the shop is a tip-top favorite of hers, adding, "I would almost like to keep it as a house for myself." Hmmm...that's a confession that has us daydreaming of slumber parties and potential housewarming gifts! And to think, we have the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull to thank for the latest addition to the L.A. shopping landscape (her flight from NYC to Paris was delayed, allowing her to take a mini vacation and discover the wonders of Lala). Merci, Mother Nature.

Photo: Courtesy of KCD Worldwide