WATCH: The First Trailer For Beyoncé’s HBO Documentary About…Beyoncé

UPDATE: We have the first teaser, and it's filled with all the makings of a classic star documentary. You've got trepidation, bare-faced confessionals, stage undulation, and baby bumps? Oh yes, there's a sneak peek of Blue Ivy as just a little pea in her mum's tummy. This may be the television event of a lifetime. Check it out below.
If you bookmarked Beyoncé and Jay-Z's Tumblr the day it went public and have been checking Instagram on the regular for the latest fashion selfies B's outfit odyssey, then brace yourself — Beyoncé is set to direct an HBO documentary on a subject near and dear to everyone's hearts: Beyoncé herself.
We all know she's quite the on-screen performer, but this is B's chance to show us the real her (well, round effin' epic was the I AM... WORLD TOUR DVD?), especially in her relatively new role as a mother. We're stoked for some behind-the-scenes footage that our girl crush will reportedly shoot from her own laptop (hello documentary DIY!), but we're still predicting this flick will be high quality (and HD) enough to live up to HBO's golden standard.
The much-anticipated TV special is set to premiere February 16 and will run alongside Ron Howard's documentary on hubby Jay-Z (aww). Just more proof girls really do run the world. (Newsday)
BeyembedPhoto: Via Instagram