The 60+ Coolest, Craziest, & Funniest Fashion Week Party Pics

If your local Duane Reade is sold out of any of the following: red Gatorade, Preparation H (it really works for those undereye circles!), Dr. Scholls inserts, or Werther's Originals and Advil (combined: the best hangover cure, like, ever), consider this your formal apology. You see, we've been on what can only be described as a #NYFW bender for the past 10 days, so forgive us if the cocktails, the BFA snaps, and the Mia Moretti playlists have led to multiple drugstore runs. Chock it up to the late nights (and the open-toed heels in these suddenly dropping temps), but everyone in the office still seems to be under the effects of the dreaded #FWF, otherwise known as the Fashion Week Flu.
However…we slept all weekend, and toughened up, and now, we're ready to relive the madness all over again, courtesy of our monster roundup of the best Fashion Weak Week party pictures. We hit everything from Purple's bash on top of the Standard and Opening Ceremony's birthday rager to our very own R29 after-hours dance-a-thon so that you could be invited to an epic mash-up that can only be called the coolest party ever thrown. Click through, but be careful—the contact hangover can be killer.

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