17 Fall It Bags To Clip Now, Splurge On Later

We have this little ritual in the office when it comes to actually pulling the trigger on our "Dream Ticket" wish lists. When we see something that we have an immediate, powerful reaction to, we clip it out (or — more likely, these days — print it out), tack it up on our corkboard, and get accustomed to seeing it every day.
If we ever get sick of the sight of something, we remove it from the board...and if something lasts until the end of the season and it still inspires us in the same way, we'll go for it (if it's within our means, of course). What's on our walls right now? Lots and lots and lots of fall bags. Click through to see the handbags, carryalls, and clutches we clipped this season. And do tell: Which ones should still be there a few months down the road?
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