Rad Or Bad: Cate Blanchett’s Confusing Givenchy Ensemble

Yes to the shoes, yes to the top, yes to the embroidered ribbon print — but all together? We need a second opinion.
At the Gotham magazine party last week, the star of the stage and screen turned up in this Givenchy resort '13 ensemble, and HuffPost gave it a resounding whaaa? Citing the patchwork blouse and "clunky" booties as the main offenders, this awesome printed pencil skirt also takes some heat. But you know what? We're kinda into it.
Always a fan of risk-taking looks, we've been loving Cate’s fashion adventures for years. Sure, she'll sometimes cross the line from style pioneer to victim of overzealous mixing-and-matching. But, that’s the risk you take when you’re Hollywood’s cool, funky aunt.
While you might have qualms with the outfit, you can’t argue with the confidence — and isn’t that half the battle? Clearly, Cate believes in her style wiles. Do you? (Huffington Post)