Mara Hoffman Loves R29 & Swimsuit-Butt Seams (In 60 Seconds)

Blown away might be an understatement when it comes to adequately describing our affection for Mara Hoffman's '13 Swim Collection. We were positively floored. From the incredible hair and makeup to her tribal prints and the apt MIA tunes blaring in the background, it may have been the show of the season. We caught up with Mara to chat about her most recent collection, and imagine our sheer delight when she started out by saying how much she digs us. Obviously, we're in friend-love with her, which is totally fine, because she's just as cool and creative as her runway designs would lead us to believe she is.
"I love Refinery."

Oh, thank you! We love you! Tell us everything about what we saw during Swim Week.
"Our theme is desert-slash-outlaw-slash-gypsies — shocker, I’m sure. No, it’s New York City architecture ... joking! You’re going to see a lot of prints because that’s what we do. Our bohemian, weirdo traveler has been blown up a little bit bigger this year."

We miss your teepee from Art Basel; where is that now?

"That was like a piece from my heart, that teepee. It was a labor of love. It came from one of our prints. And, my friend, who has a really beautiful store in New York City called Love Adorned used it as an installation. Now, I’m going to use it in my backyard for my son."

Do you spend a lot of time in Miami?

"I come for vacations and I got married in Miami. My husband’s family used to lived here, but they recently moved to Texas. We love coming!"

What's your one, must-hit spot when you're in town?

"I’m so into South Beach — it's just so gorgeous! When I land, the first thing I think is: 'Get me to the beach!'"

What's your go-to swimsuit?

"I’m into my V-Wire style. It’s just like a bandeau with a V-Wire and a moderately covered bottom. It’s one of our most popular suits because it just works."

You love to travel. What are some spots on your bucket list?

"I still haven’t been to Costa Rica or Bali or Africa. Man, there are a lot of places that I have to go to!"


Do you have any upcoming collaborations or dream collaborations?

"That’s a loaded question! Well, I did collaborate with Hawaiian Tropics and that was awesome, because what better accessory is there than gorgeous skin? As far as dream collaborations, I want to do kids, and not just because I have one. Oh, and I want to do home decor."

Do you have any thoughts on those bathing suits that have the seam up the butt?

"I think they’re kinda hot! As long as a girl wears it right, and if there’s a confidence behind it, then it’s not totally cornball."

Photographed by Karla Garcia

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