These Gorg Beads Could Change Your Wardrobe, & Another Woman’s Life

It's not every day that we come across a jewelry line that's good for the planet, good for humanity, and also happens to be super-adorable. Well, SoCal-based 31 Bits is the whole kit and caboodle — and then some.
When founder, Kallie Dovel, traveled to Uganda while in college, she was inspired by the female artisans who made beads out of recycled paper. Taking that idea, she dreamed up 31 Bits with a few friends, to internationally market and sell the jewelry made by over 100 of these ladies, many of whom were displaced from their homes due to the atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Army.
31 Bits of course gives the artists a shot at fair, immediate, and consistent income, and in addition, it provides them with AIDS and health education, access to community wellness groups, and English lessons as well as financial and vocational training, to help give these women a sustainable way to provide for themselves beyond the jewelry company. Wanna know more about the women behind the jewelry? Read all about the special skills each of these talented artisans has brought to the company, right here.
And while all of that empowerment is enough to make us jump on board, we have to stress the fact that the jewelry happens to be as stunning as the social progress. In bright, vibrant hues, it's hard to see that, hello, the cute little beads are all made out of paper. And while we plan to wear the brightest, layered pieces on the regs, we're particularly smitten with the super-stylish wedding collection. So many show-stoppers...worth a peek even if you don't have a walk down the aisle scheduled into the near future. Because really, every girl can do with some soft pastels and delicate flecks of gold in their wardrobe, right?
Oh, and did we mention that most pieces from 31 Bits cost between $20 to $40, and can be bought online? That's right, they're all wallet-friendly. See, we told you that 31 Bits is all that, and so much more.

Photo: Courtesy of 31 Bits