This 30-Day Squat Challenge Will Give You A Stronger Butt

Most of us have heard that squats are supposed to be simple and good for you — you bend down, stand up, and boom, you've got a stronger and bigger butt. However, squats are deceptively basic, and it's okay if you don't know squat about actually doing squats. Yes, it's one of the most basic strength-training exercises out there. And, yes, it's a functional movement we do constantly in our daily life. But, doing a squat properly takes a surprising amount of focus, technique, and practice.
That's why we've created this 30-day squat challenge to help finesse your squat form and build lower body strength. Squats are indeed as good as everyone says they are, and they're way more than just a butt exercise; they also work your abs, hips, legs, calves, shins, and thighs. Having a strong butt keeps you upright, allows you to walk and run better, and helps prevent back and knee pain.
The four squat variations you'll learn in this challenge are designed to work different parts of your butt and legs. Whether you're training for a race, want to counteract all the sitting you do, or are hoping for a perkier derrière, this 30-day squat challenge will make you a better squatter. Ahead you'll find how-to gifs for each move as well as a downloadable PDF for you to track your progress.

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