29 Amazing Arrivals At NYC's Top Shops

This time of year in NYC is a shopaholic's worst nightmare. Every boutique has shiny new products glimmering in the window, racks and racks of fall clothes, brand new lines, special collaborations—you get the point. Strolling down Bleecker, biking on Orchard, brunching on Madison...everywhere we go our fingers are itching to pull out the plastic and watch the hottest stuff of the season slide into a crisp shopping bag. Do we sound like addicts? Don't worry, we think we've got it under control, and we're gonna help you, too. Just slow your roll and focus—we've helped trim down your mountain of must-haves to 29 (but of course) items that just hit our favorite local boutiques.
Check out our slideshow to see the 29 new arrivals we want right now—it may seem like a lot of clicks, but trust, it's worth it.

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