29 Fashion Things Everyone Should Know

The fashion industry is one that’s built on trends. No shit, you say — and we hear you. But beyond hemlines and sleeve styles and whether or not cerulean belts are a thing, the runways can also be a reflection of issues much larger than what will be hanging in your closet. The political and social climate of 2016 is a volatile one — and we’re having conversations about race, gender, access, and identity on a global scale. While some people may think that clothes are just clothes, designers are working through these issues on the catwalk, whether deliberately or not. Though show season ended over a month ago, our weeks spent immersed in shows, hotel living, social media, and blown-out analyses of things like socks and hoodies have us still seeing the world in fabric and thread. And can you blame us? The topics that dominated Fashion Month chatter ignited strongly held opinions, and were reflective of the same types of things we’ve been talking about anyway. They were inspiring, disappointing, empowering, and illuminating. They’re things that anyone with a passing interest in fashion should know about, and define the style landscape of 2016. Below, find the 29 topics, subjects, people, things, and whatsits that we couldn’t — and still can’t — shut up about.

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