12 Festive Flats That Look Chic — And Won’t Kill Your Feet

If we're playing the Truth part of Truth or Dare, we have a confession to make: Sometimes we just can't commit to high heels. We know, we know, fashion isn't always comfortable, but when we're running around town in six-inch stilettos trying to hit every single holiday party, we're willing to sacrifice some tall points if it means not having to hobble 30 minutes into our buzz (limping isn't the look we're going for). To help keep your toes in check, we hit the SoCal streets to find 12 pairs of flats that won't leave you blistered (but also don't skimp on style). Whether you're channeling Rudolph's nose with bright red ballerinas or seeing stars courtesy of a jeweled slipper, we think our low-to-the-ground options will let you indulge your festive FOMO without any band-aids. We, umm, dare you to complain.
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