Heavy Winter Boots That Aren't Total Eyesores

We get it—when the sky dumps two feet of snow on the ground and the thermometer dips to single digits, the only things you want to wear on your feet are Uggs… RESIST, we say! There are cuter, warmer, more durable winter boot options out there that will get you from point A to point B without giving yourself icicle toes. Trust us, the shoes we found have grips to prevent sliding around on the ice, waterproofed exteriors so you'll have to work to get them soggy, and enough padding and fluff to keep frostbite at bay. Also (and this is really important), they aren't heinous. We even tossed a few heeled styles in there for the height-addicted ladies who can't go flat, even in the snow… so click through and say hello to the winter survival must-haves that won't make your eyes sad.
Photo: Via Tory Burch

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