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Four Thirst Trap Essentials You Need In Your Closet

Welcome to Fashionably Black!, a style and culture guide for Black people highlighting the cultural moments, pioneers, and conversations we’ve always been a part of! Putting a magnifying glass to style & self-expression, Fashionably Black! explores the many ways we are the history, we are the fashion, and will ALWAYS be. We're not trending, we're true.
Clothing has the ability to convey messages about our moods, our attitude, and our feelings. It’s like when Beyoncé famously said, “I woke up like this,” sporting the now iconic lumberjack shirt and denim booty shorts; her confidence was translated through her fashion, and it made us feel the same way. And for all our talk about what’s chic, elegant, or stylish, one sartorial choice has stood the test of time: the thirst trap ‘fit
The evolution of thirst trap-core has come a long way, ranging from the barely-there Fashion Nova club outfits you couldn’t quite figure out how to put on to the subtle ruched leggings and short-shorts that have somehow become our casual wear. Whether it’s intentional or not (be real, though — we know what we’re aiming for), the thirst ‘fit will draw the attention of people and send hearts racing, but more importantly, it’s about your self-expression and feeling sexy in your own body. It doesn't matter what the occasion is. A thirsty outfit exudes confidence, empowerment, and sensuality — getting the chance to show off your favorite assets is just a bonus. 
But before you head out to the gym, the beach, or brunch with the girls, you’ve got to make sure you have the basics of the thirst ‘fit down. Below, we show you how you can build the perfect simple but sexy look using any one of these as your starting base: maxi dresses, backless tops, short shorts, and leggings


Short-shorts, hotpants, coochie cutters — these impractical bottoms go by many names, but no matter what you call them, we all know them as the original thirst-inducing clothing item. They’ve been around for ages, but as the years go by, we continue to push the limits of how short shorts can get. (After all, a little bit of cheek never hurts anybody.) As of late, men have started being praised for showing off their thighs in “hoochie daddy shorts,” but the style has most commonly been attributed to women’s fashion. Thankfully, short-shorts are now for everyone, and it’s not uncommon to see people of all genders rocking pairs that are no longer than three to five inches in various fabrics like denim, leather, and sweatsuit material. Short-shorts are easily the quintessential thirst item if you're seeking to turn heads when you walk down the street. 
Photo: GymShark

Maxi Dresses

Every summer, memes start circulating in anticipation of sundress season, a time when well-endowed women casually sport their greatest assets. (Get it?) The fitted maxi dress isn’t technically a sundress, but once the culture changes the name of something, you just go with it. These dresses are popularized for their length and their slim fit to the body, with plunging necklines and strategically placed slits that add a touch of seduction to the ensemble. They showcase a hint of skin but also leave enough to the imagination while simultaneously being effortlessly seductive, and the most you need to worry about when getting dressed is pairing them with the right accessories and shoes.
Photo: Target


Leggings have evolved from being a simple layering item to a go-to fashion staple. They’re skintight, highlighting your legs, hips, and butt all while being extremely comfortable to wear daily — that’s why they’ve remained essential even as trends have rotated throughout the years. Remember when wide-leg pants made a comeback, and the bohemian aesthetics of Coachella had people obsessed? We still couldn’t escape leggings; they just took on a new form with that “Aztec” pattern. In 2023, leggings have since taken on a new look, ranging from workout-ruched leggings that accentuate the butt to mesh and cutout leggings that highlight your legs. They’re a fun thirst option that has yet to go out of style.
Photo: Savage x Fenty

Backless Tops

The back might not be the obvious choice when it comes to the sexiest body part, but when they’re exposed in a backless top? Babyyyy. Business in the front, red light special in the back, these tops walk the fine line between modesty and allure, and that duality is peak seduction. You may not be into drawing attention to the lower half of yourself, so having your back out is an ingenious way to still evoke mystery and allure. Pro-tip: while wearing a backless top, style your hair in an updo to really turn heads. 
Photo: Hanifa
As fashion continues to evolve, the thirst trap ‘fit will undoubtedly remain a foundational aesthetic, empowering individuals to embrace their sensuality and charm the world with their uniqueness. The thirst trap ‘fit is a fashion statement that celebrates your confidence, your sensuality, and your own empowerment as a person, so it’s essential to remember that your putting that shit on not solely to attract others, but it's an expression of self-assurance and embracing your body in all of its beauty.

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