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Come Glow Up With Unbothered At Our First-Ever IRL Event!

Oh hey there, my beautiful, abundant Unbothered fam! 
It has been almost five years since our foresisters founded Unbothered. Back then, it was simply an answer to the question: Why isn’t there a space for young, dope Black folx to just be ourselves, out loud and on purpose? It was a time when we weren’t seeing ourselves represented at work or in the media we were consuming. And neither were our peers. Beyond that, we also weren’t being heard out in the world. So, we created Unbothered, because y’all asked for it, and because we needed it.
We saw an opportunity in the market because we know the power of our influence, our dollars, and our dreams, but more than anything, Unbothered was created as an outlet for each other. 
We deserved — and still do — a safe space for us to just be. We wanted a platform to talk about the things that came up in our group chat, to unpack the wild text from your friend or that unbelievable scene from Insecure. We were out here ready to share the latest products, tools, and affirmations that helped us move through the world a little bit easier, and to support each other when it seemed like the rest of the world worked overtime to make that impossible. To just be that homegirl in your head when you needed us. 
And now, we’re here – five years later, all glowed and grown up. With the support of my amazing team, and all the fantastic Black folx who’ve come before us (shout out to Ally Hickson, THEE Unbothered founder, Danielle Cadet, our once and forever Unbothered editorial lead, and the whole OG Unbothered crew), we’ve made sure our dream for Unbothered became a reality that still thrives today. We’re a lot bigger, a hell of a lot more grown, and hugely proud of the energy we’ve cultivated. And we’re even more grateful for the energy y’all have given US. 
Now, we want to celebrate that energy with you, our Unbothered family. And what better way to big up each other than with a Juneteenth blowout weekend AKA Unbothered Live: The Glow Up in Atlanta, June 18-19! 
Yes you heard that right! Unbothered is bringing that same energy you love with the vibes you’ve come to expect from us for our first-ever live event: The Glow Up! The pandemic has kept us stuck in the house for two years, and now that we’re venturing outside (again), we’re giving you and your crew the link up you’ve been waiting for. 
And we’re doing it in Atlanta because you know we had to keep it all the way Black. Atlanta is a place that combines the legacy of our past with the vision of our future greatness. Where else can you get Usher skating to his own songs in a rink, a TikTok collab house, 26 inches of natural kinky on demand, and a near life size model of the White House on a set? Atlanta is THAT girl, and we’re gonna show up for her together. 
And because it’s Unbothered, you know it’s absolutely going to be a SHOW. We’re bringing your favorite franchises together with our fave voices to bring a new glow to Atlanta. 
Dear Black Love, Go Off Sis, Wash Day, and more will all come alive in amazing ways. And because you know we’re doing it the ATL way, we’ll also be premiering fun, new activations and interactive elements along the way including: a Glow and Roll skating rink to do your best Beyoncé  Blow video impression, a Fill Your Plate food court to live out your Juneteenth summer cookout goals, a dedicated My Coin marketplace to discover and support Black-owned businesses — and that’s just to start!  Expect two full days worth of programming, together with live music, dope talent, and just pure vibes with the crew. 
We’re outside this summer and you’re gonna be sick of us. Better yet, get ready to glow up with us! Early bird tickets go on sale today HERE. We’re giving our Unbothered family first dibs, so get them while you can!

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