Does TikTok’s Sex Pillow Trick Actually Work?

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Sometimes, you encounter a TikTok hack that changes your life. Maybe you've made some permanent adjustments to your skincare or beauty regimen; maybe, a viral trend informed your go-to breakfast recipe. But the latest life-altering trick is as simple as it is sexy: Basically, next time you're hooking up, grab a pillow
Sex educator @sassyrededu2 describes it best. "When your partner asks or puts your pelvis on a pillow… keep them!" she writes in one TikTok. "They like a lift for their pleasure giving time!" In several comments and subsequent videos, she further explains the technique: You can use a pillow while you or your partner are face-down or face-up, and you can also experiment with pillows of varying firmness. You can even stack pillows to adjust the angle.
Her comment section is split between people who figured this tactic was common knowledge, and people who still don't really get it. But this isn't a niche pro tip from just one sexpert — in the past several days, people of all genders have come forward on TikTok and Twitter to confirm that sex with one or two pillows can be mind-blowing. "This is a cheat code, so if you DIDN'T know, you should learn it now," one person wrote on Twitter. Other people have given demonstrations. Some commenters suggested that lifting your partner can have a similar effect.

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So… does it actually enhance penetrative sex? Many users seem to agree that it does, unless the pillows lift you to an uncomfortable height. If regular pillows aren't doing the trick, brands like Dame and Adam & Eve also sell pillows specifically designed to help someone hit their partner's G-spot or prostate. There are even some pillows and cushions out there designed to hold a vibrator or dildo. 
These products aren't cheap, so you might want to try out a regular pillow first, but customers definitely seem satisfied. As one fan of Dame's Pillo noted, using a pillow doesn't only make sex feel better, but it can make penetration more comfortable for individuals who experience pelvic, back, and hip pain.
But Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, an OB/GYN and author of Let's Talk About Down There, stresses that the technique might not be for everyone. "Using a pillow to angle the hips up can help with penis in vagina sex, as it can stimulate the anterior vagina as well as potentially more of the clitoris, for some people," she tells Refinery29. "It's important to not make too big of a deal of this, though! Everyone is different. What feels better for one person may make no difference in another. It's all about finding what works for you, and having fun while figuring it out."
All of this is to say that sex tips are much more subjective than other TikTok tricks and trends. We could all benefit from interior design hacks and general hairstyle shortcuts, but nothing about sex is one size fits all. As Dr. Lincoln puts it, "The best sex is the kind where you can try different things, have a partner who is open to learning what makes you feel good, and not worry if a TikTok trend doesn't do anything for you!"

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