I Tried 5 TikTok Kitchen Hacks & These Ones Are Worth Your Time

Designed by Meg O'Donnell
Just when you thought the internet was over 'hacks' and all the good ones had been exhausted, TikTok entered the chat.
The platform is known for its beauty trends and popularising many, many niche aesthetics but start digging and you can find anything about anything. As that almost unbearably viral feta pasta dish shows, there's a mighty appetite for cooking-based tips and tricks.
One of the best fonts of knowledge was inspired by Kelly, a legend who asked people to share the life hacks which have now become standard practice. (Hers is using a martini glass to store your dips for your chips. Like I said, a legend.)
In response, people shared hacks whose discovery is genuinely baffling to think about (how do you find out that rubbing your fingers with raw garlic lets you pick up egg yolks?). There are others which seem low-key life-changing. We decided to test a few of the most intriguing we found on the platform to find out if they're really as good as they look.

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