15 Podcasts By Women That You’re Not Listening To — But Should Be

Courtesy of The Experiment podcast.
If you're using Women's History Month as a reminder to support women behind the scenes, how about starting with the women-led podcasts you should be listening to right now? These podcasts are flying under the radar (for now), but deserve to be as famous as Serial once was. Speaking of that Sarah Koenig led series, no podcast list would be complete with a true crime pod or two, which is why we suggest pressing play on a new series that will show you the dark hairless underbelly of the Chippendales dancers who walked so Magic Mike could run.
If you're not a true crime person, this list also includes alternatives to true crime podcasts, like a comedy podcast for Goop obsessives or a sweeping pod about Selena Quintanilla that puts the new Netflix series to shame. The political pod Our Body Politic feels like the perfect companion to Refinery29's own podcast Go Off, Sis. The majority of these podcasts are on the newer side — the basketball series Spinsters is just a week in — but we also include some long haulers that have enough episodes to keep you busy for the foreseeable future. And if you just started watching The L Word, we have a pod for you.
So whether you're a witchy woman or a plant mama, we bet there are more than a few podcasts on this list that will have you hitting subscribe. Heck, you might even end up writing a review, which really does help all of these women's work get seen and heard. Just sayin'.

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