These Comedy Podcasts Will Absolutely Crack You Up

It's 7 in the morning. Your eyes are opened reluctantly; bits of sleep are still sprinkled upon you. Clearly, a mood change is in order. You need a kick-start to prepare you for the slings and arrows of the rest of the day.
You can stumble toward the coffee machine, hoping for a caffeine-infused adrenaline rush. Or, you can simply click play. The comedy podcast universe is booming; it's bursting with people who are ready to get you laughing — and wake you up.
If anything, the issue in the world of comedy podcasting one of overabundance: There's an overwhelming concentration of good options. We've gathered a range of comedy podcasts, from absurdist musical fictional pods to off-the-rails shows governed by the principles of improv comedy. Here's where to start.

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