These Are The Podcasts Money Diarists Love Listening To

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Money Diaries provide a unique window into the way women across the country — and the world — save and spend, but they also illuminate the commonalities many of us share in our daily lives, no matter where we live or how much we make per paycheck.
This is especially apparent when it comes to waking up in the morning and getting to work. Most of us have to deal with less-than-ideal commutes to work — be they by car, subway, or foot. OPs often talk about the ways they pass this time: with music, books, or, most frequently, podcasts.
From true crime, to Real Housewives gossip, to good ol' interviews, our Money Diarists' podcast tastes run the gamut. Here's a roundup of some of the tried and true favorites our diarists listen to while getting ready in the morning and commuting to work.
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The Murder Squad

In this diary, a project engineer in Lafayette, IN listens to the podcast, Murder Squad. An excellent addition to any true crime-lover’s repertoire, this hour-long show follows a retired cold case investigator and an investigative journalist as they dive into unsolved murders, unidentified remains, and missing person reports. It uses new techniques to solve old crimes and actively engages listeners with murder theories.
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Dr. Death

In this recent Money Diary, an accounting controller in Madison, WI, listened to Dr. Death while meal prepping. The much-buzzed-about true crime podcast centers around reporting on the Dallas-based neurosurgeon Dr. Christopher Duntsch and his horrifying history of malpractice on the operating table — which led to serious injury for many patients, and, in a few cases, death — for which he's currently serving a life sentence.

Not for the faint of heart (or stomach). For those who can't get enough, the popular podcast will be getting the TV treatment soon, as well.
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Bad With Money

This 33-year-old executive assistant wrote in her Money Diary that she listened to Stitcher's Bad With Money podcast on her way to work. Hosted by Gaby Dunn, a self-proclaimed finance "deadbeat," this podcast explores personal finance from a feminist and queer lens and includes conversations with activists, politicians, celebrities, and authors. From healthcare to parenthood to cryptocurrency, Bad With Money delves into all kinds of financial issues for anyone who feels like they're bad with money and wants to learn how to be a little bit better with it.
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Call Your Girlfriend

This technology associate living in Bangalore, India, wrote in her Money Diary that she perused the aisles of a store for almost an hour while listening to Call Your Girlfriend, and this production manager in L.A. wrote in hers that she listens to Call Your Girlfriend while getting ready in the mornings (along with NYT's The Daily, and My Favorite Murder — a combo she recommends for "anyone who wants to never trust men and check every closet before bed.")

Call Your Girlfriend, "a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere," explores pop culture and politics and seeks to empower and celebrate female friendships.
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Anna Faris is Unqualified

This sales manager in Boise, ID, wrote in her Money Diary that she made it through a six-mile run with the help of this podcast, wherein Anna Faris interviews celebrities and give callers romantic advice (that she is definitely qualified to give).

We recommend starting with the Andy Cohen episodes if you're in the mood to laugh.
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My Favorite Murder

This podcast show is the winner in the most-mentioned-podcast category of Money Diaries. Part true crime and part comedy, My Favorite Murder centers around the recounting of real-life murders and is packed with hilarious commentary by hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff. The podcast also often features listener hometown crime stories.

Since its first episode in 2016, MFM has developed a cult following, with a growing fanbase of self-dubbed "Murderinos." This OP is such a die-hard fan of the show that her friend gifted her a merch onesie for her baby. And this Money Diarist loves MFM, too, but said that she has to listen to it in the mornings (never at night) so that she doesn't get nightmares.
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Bitch Sesh

Real Housewives fans, listen up. For those who don't already know, this podcast breaks down and dishes on all the juiciest drama of the Bravo franchise, with lots of funny commentary (because just when you think the Housewives can't outdo their wild ways of yesterseason, they do, and it needs to be talked about). Hosts Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider hold live tapings, too, one of which this recent Brooklyn Money Diarist attended.

As the OP put it, Bitch Sesh is "a breakdown of the Real Housewives franchise, but it is also so much more than that."
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Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

This Money Diarist works from home, and listened to Dax Shepard's podcast while transitioning out of work mode into dinnertime. Armchair Expert is full of really meaty and in-depth, no-holds-barred celebrity interviews with a variety of guests from Lauren Graham to Marc Maron. The highlight: the podcast's inaugural episode with Dax's very own wife, Kristen Bell, where the two bicker about Bell's trip to the art supply store (which also, impressively, warmed our hearts).
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Hidden Brain

Three of our recent Money Diarists listened to this NPR podcast, which uses science and storytelling to explore curiosities about human psychology and behavior.

Some recent highlights include an episode about the effect of advertisements on the human brain, and a deep-dive into why we deem certain things disgusting. Do like this OP and listen to Hidden Brain on your walk to work. Just don't be surprised if you get so engrossed that you walk past your office building.
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This Money Diarist is an aspiring podcast host who listened to Startup in her car while sitting in Dallas traffic in order to glean insight into how to start her own podcast one day. The acclaimed podcast focuses on entrepreneurial life, and was adapted into an ABC sitcom, Alex Inc.
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Women's Work

This podcast highlights the stories of trailblazing women doing important work in the world. Each episode focuses on a unique woman's story, like this scientist merging STEM with jewelry design.

This OP said of the Gretchen Rubin episode: "I'm a personal development junkie, so I love learning about habits, happiness, and human nature."

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