These Are The Best Places To Buy Plants Online

Photo: Courtesy of The Sill.
In case you haven't noticed, we're a bit obsessed with house-plants here at Refinery29. To us, adding a touch of nature is one of the easiest ways to brighten up a room. We're firm believers that a bit of leafy shrub will help trick the eye into thinking that a space is much bigger than it actually is. Plus, green is such a soothing color.
You don't necessarily have to hit up your nearest florist or plant nursery to curate a rad indoor forest: In our never ending quest to develop a green thumb, a few excellent online plant shops have landed on our radar. Click ahead for the stylish emporiums that will deliver the trendiest greenery to your doorstep. Now it's up to you to figure out how to keep them alive.
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Lula's Garden
Turn to Lula's for simple, stylish, and eco-friendly succulent garden box online shopping. The plants range in price from $25 to $85, come complete with individual care kits, and nationwide shipping with same-day delivery in L.A. to boot.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nature Hills Nursery.
Nature Hills
Like stepping foot in a virtual plant nursery, Nature Hills offers an extensive greenery experience for users looking to stock up on everything from miniature lemon trees to foxtail ferns and succulents. Whether you're in the market for a self-starting apartment grow kit or some spring-blooming perennials for your window box, this well-stocked site has all of your online green thumbing covered.
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Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Not only does the mega-site boast a colorful offering of pots, planters, and tools, but it also sells an even more impressive array of live green goods to fill and tend to them with. From succulents to fiddle leaf figs and bonsai trees, Amazon's gardening section wins the online plant-shopping award for most ample, unique, and affordable finds.
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Photo: Courtesy of The Sill.
The Sill
We just can't get enough of The Sill's trendy aesthetic. The startup's highly Instagrammable brick-and-mortar store on the Lower East Side offers an Instagram-worthy curation of succulents, ferns, and aloe vera, and the website is equally packed with leafy goodness. Another major feature we keep coming back for? The site has a wide selection of cute planters in a variety of colors.
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Photo: Courtesy of Home Depot.
Home Depot
The OG home improvement store that we may or may not associate with dads actually has one heck of an online houseplant section — the leafy green options range from chic fiddle-leaf figs to trendy aloe vera plants, yucca canes, and more that you can order up with all the goods to make them thrive.
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The Bouqs Co.
This already blossoming destination for on-demand floral arrangements just debuted an entirely new and enviable plant section. The leafy green offerings range from gardenias to air plants and assortments of tiny succulents complete with trendy ceramic pots — a.k.a. the ideal apartment accessory or sweet gift for a fabulous friend.
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Bloomscape delivers a wide array of green friends already-potted and ready to thrive (a.k.a. "living room ready"). The company's packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials and each plant comes complete with detailed care instructions for easy maintenance. And with a well-groomed leafy lineup — from red prayer plants to hedgehog aloes, ferns, palms, fiddle leaf figs, and more — the trendy options are endless.
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Photo: Courtesy of Geo Fleur.
We've been eyeing this London-based indoor plant brand's collection of chic perennials — ranging from asparagus ferns to rare "Swiss cheese plants" — for some time now. Fortunately, we've found a workaround to get these plants stateside: The brand is stocked at Trouva, an online boutique that ships to the U.S. for $16.76.
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Leaf & Clay
Leaf & Clay sells an assorted variety of succulents, cacti, and unique ceramic pots. You can easily purchase one-off plants for a gift, variety packs for starting your own garden, or the monthly subscription for the succulent obsessed — the "Plant Mail Club" offers a curated succulent 3-pack per month for $15.95.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shop Terrain.
Anthropologie's gardening-focused sister brand is our go-to for outdoor tools and artificial plants. The retailer also sells the real stuff, from flowering bulbs to air plants.
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Photo: Courtesy of White Flower Farm.
White Flower Farms
Instead of hitting up a nursery to pick out your favorite shrubs, the nursery is coming to you. This family-run flower farm is based out of Connecticut and ships to the continental U.S. With over 65 years in business, the seller is a trust-worthy place to source the more delicate plant species. For promotional purposes, a rotating selection of plants even come with free shipping.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plant Shed.
The Plant Shed
This flower delivery service is a must-know if you live in the NYC area. The florist delivers a diverse range of flora and foliage species, from calla lilies to indoor palms. Customized bouquets and flower baskets are also available for order. Manhattan-based orders over $100 are delivered free of charge.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Cactus Limon
You may not know this, but Etsy is home to an impressive assortment of plant sellers. Cactus Limon, a 15-year-old business operated by a husband-and-wife duo, has close to 300 types of succulents and cacti on offer, including this gorgeous handmade succulent wreath.
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Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.
Tropical Fresh Plants
Looking for some exotic greenery to spruce up your space? There will be something to your liking at this Etsy store. The plant shop specializes in rare-to-find varities, from braided snake plants to French staghorn ferns. If you're after something more subtle, the store also carries a line up of thimble cacti and jellybean succulents.
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Photo: Courtesy of Modern Sprout.
Modern Sprout
If you wish you had a garden, but are stuck living the apartment life, Modern Sprout will put you put your idle green thumb to good use. The website sells a variety of plant, flower, and herb starter kits — many of which come in a self-contained planter and don't need to be water.