Yun Yun Sun’s Statement Jewelry Pieces Add Some Much-Needed Sparkle To 2020

Photo: Courtesy of Yun Yun Sun.
If your attention feels divvied up between Covid-19 (yikes), the election (*screaming*), Amy Coney Barrett (side-eye), and the return of murder hornets (WTF), may we suggest some escapism in the form of crystal-drop earrings and fringe-draped necklaces instead? It's important to wean yourself off the media’s nonstop drip of doom from time to time, and one way to do this is by flexing that retail muscle of yours instead. That's where Yun Yun Sun's jewelry capsule with luxury retailer LuisaViaRoma comes in for all your anything-but-the-news needs.

Remember when, in Finding Nemo, Marlin and Dory were completely mesmerized by a shiny light as they just kept swimming away from their woes ("I'm feeling happy, which is a big deal... for me," Marlin says to his equally enchanted ocean companion)? That's pretty much exactly how we felt when we first laid our screen-fatigued eyes on this glittering jewelry collection — aside from the fact that there's no scary monster attached to the other end of this shimmering goodness. The LuisaViaRoma x Yun Yun Sun capsule is just that: nothing but sparkle to brighten up your day.

The collaboration sprouted from the creative musings and cultural curiosities of Aimee Sun, designer and co-founder of the Taiwan-based independent jewelry label Yun Yun Sun. In addition to introducing her brand to LuisaViaRoma's global audience, Sun's hope was to come up with a selection of statement-making accessories that could add a touch of shine to our wardrobes. The pieces certainly aren't cheap (ranging from $95 for an unmissable mono-earring to $470 for a wide-stacked crystal cuff), but they're intended to ooze with ultra expensive-looking glamour and luxury through aesthetics rather than an exorbitant price point. Think flanking your face with curtains of diamond-like stones or adorning your décolleté with threads of twinkling baubles. If you're starting to feel like Zsa Zsa Gabor just from reading this, well... that's the whole point.
The emphasis on creating something special and upbeat was paramount in this partnership, and according to a representative from LuisaViaRoma, it's Sun's playful approach to the art of accessorizing that made her a perfect fit for the retailer: “We are always on the lookout for designers that truly catch the essence of what LuisaViaRoma is about, and that’s exactly what we see when we look at Yun Yun Sun’s jewelry line: prestigious, unique, and immaculately designed."

For the icing on top of this already decadent cake of a collection, Sun worked with a flurry of international influencers, celebrities, and models to officially launch the collab last week — from Emmanuelle Koffi and Stefanie Giesinger to Grece Ghanem and Chau Bui. You can discover the recently launched capsule for yourself exclusively on LuisaViaRoma and check out our top picks below. But first, prepare yourself for one very healthy (and glimmering) dose of distraction.

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