Lucy Hale Just Dyed Her Hair From Jet-Black To Bright-Red — In Her Kitchen Sink

Photo: Araya Diaz/Getty Images.
Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale just debuted the craziest, and most impressive, at-home hair change we've seen in the past six months. With the help of her go-to colorist and brand founder Kristin Ess, the 31-year-old star just took her signature jet-black lob and lifted it to a bright shade of copper red that screams fall.
While we know Hale to be a hair-color chameleon, according to Ess (a natural redhead herself), the star has never tried anything close to this vibrant cinnamon copper shade. "Lucy Hale has had every hair color under the sun except red," Ess captioned the Instagram debut. "My lil' colorist heart is full and now we officially know this chick looks good with any hair color."
Possibly even more impressive than the dramatic color change — stripping black hair to a warm red tone is no small feat — is the fact that Ess didn't bring the actress into an L.A. salon stocked with ample peroxide, but took a crafty approach and turned Hale's kitchen sink into a makeshift bleach bowl.
The stylist made sure to note that her housecall appointment was a safe one, explaining that both she and Hale were tested for COVID-19 beforehand. Plus, according to Hale's Instagram Story, both parties were wearing face masks during the actual hair-dye process, which involved the star lying face up on her marble countertop, her head propped over the sink. Though the kitchen-faucet rinse might not be the height of luxury, the result couldn't be chicer.

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