Clare Crawley Is Already Feuding With One Of Her Bachelorette Suitors

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Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette hasn’t started yet, but the drama has already arrived. First, it appears she was calling out contestant Matt James for making Cameo videos before his time on her season had even begun, but he fired back explaining that it was all for charity during COVID-19. Now, Clare has returned to twitter to insist she wasn't specifically shading James, and it's just one big mess that is somehow happening without an ABC camera in sight.
It all began when Crawley posted a couple of tweets shading one of the contestants on her season, which stopped production due to coronavirus.
“If you are doing interviews and creating Cameo accounts before you are even on my season... you are in it for the wrong reasons... #dontwasteyourtime,” Crawley said. A few hours later, she tweeted again, saying, “Respect the opportunity you’ve been given. Respect the rules. Respect me.”
Fans quickly pieced together who Crawley might be referring to thanks to that Cameo mention: contestant Matt James, who also happens to be Tyler Cameron’s best friend. James seemingly responded to Crawley’s subtweet explaining the reason behind his breaking of the official (unofficial?) Bachelor Nation rule of no press before the show airs.
“For those of you who may have missed the message earlier this week, myself and Alex Bachman, my former teammate and current New York Giants wide receiver, pledged all of our Cameo earnings to the Robin Hood Foundation to fight this fight,” James said in a video posted to his Instagram Story.  The foundation seeks to “to fight poverty in New York City,” according to their website.
Following James’ response, many fans called out Crawley and said her tweets were “pathetic.” Some even suggested that viewers skip watching her season, and to just cast James as the Bachelor instead.
After Matt James fans came for her, Clare is now insisting she wasn't specifically calling out Cameron's BFF.
"It was about MULTIPLE men and a general thought I was having while we sit here in a real life crisis where someone’s (everyone’s) time + sincerity hold so much weight and value," she wrote.
Chris Harrison did say there was a possibility that Crawley’s contestants would be recast when production started back up again. So, guess we’ll have to wait and see if James gets a rose or the boot.

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