Tyler Cameron Says Gigi Hadid Is Back With Zayn Malik Because “She Wanted Somebody With Real Talent”

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Tyler Cameron is officially king of TikTok — not only because he made a whole account dedicated to him hanging out with ex Hannah Brown, but also because he's now appearing in other people's TikToks to spill tea on his relationship with Gigi Hadid. In multiple videos posted by two pals who ended up in a Zoom chat with the former Bachelorette contestant, he talks candidly about his short stint dating the supermodel, and shares the best response to the fact that she seems to have moved on from him with her ex, singer Zayn Malik.
"Gigi? She's a good girl," Cameron says in one clip posted by user @byflyprincess3. "She's dating her old man now."
But another clip posted by user @thelowdownthrowdown shows the model expanding on that, adding, "She wanted somebody with real talent."
This prompted widespread laughter across the lucky Zoom call, in which Cameron also spoke about his relationship status with Hannah, his quarantine buddy who has since left Florida for Alabama.
"The tea is we are friends," he said. "She's a good friend."

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These are some surprisingly candid statements from someone who has previously been pretty cagey about his romantic life, especially in regards to Hadid.
"It wasn’t like a bad breakup or anything like that," he told People TV back in October. "It was just, we’re at different parts of our lives right now. We’re just friends."  
As for Hadid, she's also kept quiet about her brief trip to Bachelor Nation, but confirmed her rekindled romance with Malik on Valentine's Day after they were spotted together for his birthday back in January.
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Don't sell yourself short, Tyler, you do have a talent: Keeping 2019 Bachelorette drama alive in 2020.
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