Jennifer Lopez Gets The Baller Props She Deserves From Her Ex, Ben Affleck

Photo: Evan Agostini/Getty.
Jennifer Lopez is getting big props for her Hustlers performance from a surprising person from her past: her ex Ben Affleck. Ain’t that funny, indeed.
Affleck shouted out his former fiancée and Gigli co-star, who he was with from 2002 until 2004, while talking to The New York Times. While it didn’t make the final article, writer Brooks Barnes shared the quote on Twitter. And the internet is very happy to know that while the Oscars ignored J.Lo’s brilliance, Affleck sure didn’t. “She should have been nominated,” Affleck said of Lopez’s portrayal of veteran stripper Ramona in Hustlers. “She’s the real thing.” 
After revealing that he keeps in touch with Lopez “periodically” and has “a lot of respect for her,” Affleck bowed down to the woman who stripteased to Fiona Apple in Hustlers, headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, and reintroduced us to that Versace dress, all while celebrating a milestone birthday. “How awesome is it that she had her biggest hit movie at 50?” Affleck said. “That’s fucking baller.” 
It sounds like Affleck wouldn’t mind crawling into Ramona’s fur coat if she offered. He’s probably not the only one either. Lopez’s latest selfie started a viral challenge with moms. Last week, Lopez posted a shot of herself in a white string bikini that empowered women to post their own #JLoChallenge photos showing off their bodies after having children. 
Back in 2016, Lopez, who is now engaged to retired Yankee Alex Rodriguez, talked about her relationship with Affleck, sounding rather wistful. 
"I think different time different thing, who knows what could've happened,” Lopez told People when asked about her ill-fated relationship with Affleck. “But there was a genuine love there.” 
After Affleck’s latest comments, there really does appear to be no love lost between the couple formerly known as Bennifer.

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