This Is Why Hailey & Justin Bieber Took So Long To Have A Wedding

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Between Justin Bieber's new YouTube documentary and Hailey Bieber's (née Baldwin) recent Elle interview, we're learning more about the newlyweds than ever before. That means we're also getting a front-row seat for the difficult moments in their lives. Perhaps the most stressful period of their relationship occurred right after they got their marriage license but weren't sure when to have the wedding. A myriad of issues, including Justin's health and public speculation, prompted them to wait a full year before throwing the big South Carolina bash.
The Biebers' relationship has always been filled with ups and downs. The two were on-again, off-again for much of their late teenage years, and Hailey credits this with building the base that allowed them to survive the more difficult parts of their relationship.
“There was a time when our lives seemed to be going in very different directions,” she told Elle. “I actually think—now that I look back at it being married—that it was a good thing for the two of us, very healthy.”
The pair made things official in the summer of 2018 at the New York City courthouse, but it was always believed a bigger ceremony would follow. As it turns out, the delay wasn't part of a game the two celebs were playing with their fans. The singer revealed on Instagram last month that he had been diagnosed with Lyme disease and chronic mono, and Hailey explained to Elle that his health issues, in addition to the widespread speculation, is what prompted them to wait.
“When we first got married, we were just figuring out our life together. I felt like putting a wedding in the middle of all of that would be really hectic and stressful," she said, revealing that at that time they didn't have a diagnosis for Justin's health problems so a wedding did not feel like "the vibe."
"We went straight into figuring out the hard stuff. Because you never know what can happen with someone’s health," she continued. "When you don’t know what’s happening, it’s really scary. And then you have the opinions of everybody from the outside, and it just sucks."
Now it's Justin, Hailey, and their cats Sushi and Tuna against the world — officially.

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