The Workout Moves Shakira Used To Prep For The Super Bowl

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Shakira's dancing is legendary. It's no surprise that the "Hips Don't Lie" singer puts in plenty of hard work to keep her moves sharp year after year. But after learning that she'd be bringing her voice to Super Bowl LIV — alongside none other than J. Lo — Shakira took her workout routine to the next level.
To prep for the big game, she's been spending time in the Baptist Health Training Facility where the Miami Dolphins train. In a video she shared on Instagram, she demonstrated a few of the exercises she’s been working on with Anna Kaiser, her long-time trainer and the creator of dance-based cardio program AKT.
Given that Shakira has been belly-dancing since she was 4 years old, she's got the cardio side of things down. So the singer also incorporates HIIT and strength intervals into her routine to increase endurance and stamina, according to Kaiser in an interview with PopSugar
Here's a breakdown of a few of the moves she's been relying on to make her Super Bowl debut one of her her best performances ever.

Single-arm rollout 

Shakira calls this move “cleaning the floors.” Start on your hands and knees in an assisted push-up position. Put a towel under your right hand. Slide the towel out in front of you until your back is flat, engaging your core and using your abdominals to bring yourself back up to push-up position. Repeat on your left side. You can also use an ab wheel to do this exercise, which is meant to strengthen all the muscles in your core.
“Hahahahah!! This was our 10pm workout AFTER her rehearsals,” Kaiser wrote on Shakira’s Instagram post featuring the move. “And she crushed it! Those floors were sparkling clean.”  

Pulley assisted squat  

Squats are a great way to strengthen your lower body, including your butt and hips, calves, thighs, shins, and abdominals, the American Council on Exercise reports.
Stand with your back to a machine with a pulley (like a lat pulldown or mixed cable machine). Keep your feet roughly hip-width distance apart, your back straight, and your toes turned out slightly. Holding onto the pulley handle, and lower your bottom towards the ground. Push through your feet to return to standing.
The pulley will help you pop back up so you can focus on your form, as trainer Nick Nilsson explains in a YouTube training video.

Dumbbell pullovers 

Lie flat on a bench with your feet touching the ground and your head supported. Hold one dumbbell in both hands, extending your arms to the ceiling. Keeping your core engaged and your back pressed to the bench, bring your arms back over your head, lowering your biceps until they align with your ears. Return to starting position.
This move can work the lats, explains coach Jordan Shallow on Mind Pump TV. (Optional: A trainer dancing in sync with your dumbbell pulls.)
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