An Exclusive First Look At Selena Gomez’s New Puma Collection Is Here

Selena Gomez's third collaboration with Puma is dropping on December 1, just in time to be added to your holiday wishlist. And if you can't wait until then to check out the new goods, we have exclusive images of the SG x Puma collection, which Gomez says is designed to "boldly stand out in a class of its own."
“I wanted the collection to feel like it had character,” Gomez tells Refinery29 of the varsity-themed collection. “This one was really fun, in particular.” Gomez and the Puma team worked to make the collab feel like what you might wear to gym class in high school, but you know, minus all the angst. Still, Gomez herself was the inspiration, as she always looks for neutral colors, comfortable materials, and versatile pieces. 
Gomez also worked with Puma to make sure the collection was wearable for fans. “Even the photoshoot we did for the promotion pictures, it was like, how do we make the outfits as easy as possible for people to recreate? How do we make sure there is enough versatility with the outfit combinations?” She says the key was to create pieces that did not require a lot of thought, and are easy to work out in. And given the amount of paparazzi photos we’ve seen of Gomez leaving the gym, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about working out and not sacrificing style. 
As for what she’s doing within the gym? “I started doing a version of stunt training but not with wires. It’s a workout where you’re moving your whole body and doing all these different positions that look like you’re doing karate but you’re not,” she says. “I like workouts that hit every part of your body.” 
We asked Gomez how us regular folks can look as effortlessly pulled together as she often looks when the paparazzi catch her post-workout. “I love form-fitting tights, they always help me move better,” she tells Refinery29. “Sometimes I will wear shorts for hot pilates but I usually just like to keep everything in so I can see my movements better. That way I can see what I need to work on more. And then I just throw a big sweater over.”
Okay, done. And we’ll even add a few pieces from SG x Puma. Click ahead to be the first to see the collection.

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