Emma Watson’s Biggest Dating Struggle Is Harry Potter-Related

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One issue with starring in a beloved franchise like Harry Potter? It’s everywhere. From theme park rides to Broadway plays to merch that even Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson love, there’s simply no escaping the Wizarding World. That may be fine for us muggles, but for Little Women star Emma Watson, it can be a little awkward when her Harry Potter past infiltrates her present love life. 
In an interview with journalist and transgender rights activist Paris Lees for British Vogue, Watson got candid about looking for love, and the awkward moments that have thrown her. Though Watson claimed she’s "self-partnered" right now, she’s currently on the dating scene, thanks to friends who are “really good” at setting her up. Unfortunately for Watson, she has encountered some less-than-fun situations when Harry Potter has crept into her make out sessions. 
“There’s just been awkward stuff. Like making out with someone and then on the telly, behind us, I can hear the Harry Potter theme tune as I’m kissing someone,” Watson explained to Lees. “I’m like, Do I turn it off? Do I just ignore this? Is he thinking about this? Is it just me thinking about this? Maybe he doesn’t know what the Harry Potter theme tune sounds like.’”
The situation occurred a lot more, Watson explained, when the Harry Potter films were still in theaters.
“There were adverts that would come on TV all the time, so if you have the TV on in the background, [it] happens. But then I’m in this whole thing in my head,” she shared. 
As for who she’s kissing these days, Watson was recently spotted smooching a mystery man in London, but she told Vogue she isn’t committed to anyone right now. That fact may disappoint those who ship her with good friend and Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton — one of the few people who may also overthink hearing the Harry Potter theme song while on a date. 

While it would be nice for Watson if they never played another trailer for a Wizarding World movie on TV, she’s out of luck: Production on the third film in spin-off franchise Fantastic Beasts us currently underway. Maybe use that mute button on the remote next time!
Check out the full interview below:

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