Ariana Grande’s Trippy Halloween Costume Has A Deeper Meaning

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Ariana Grande has debuted her Halloween costume, one day before the actual holiday.
Earlier this week, the singer teased that she was wearing something inspired by the Twilight Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder," in which doctors with pig-like faces attempt to "fix" a woman who is considered beautiful by human standards.
While some fans edited photos of Grande in "costume," on October 30, she officially dropped the first look at her outfit. Not only is she rocking the same pig face the doctors have in the episode...she's doing it with a very Grande-esque spin.
Using Rod Serling's introductory voiceover in the background, Grande writhes around in a black-and-white video like this is a music video for one of her tracks off thank u, next. There's just that one pig difference between this look and Grande's typical aesthetic.
If Jordan Peele wants to remake this Twilight Zone episode, we know exactly who to cast.
This post was originally published on October 29, 2019.
When stars want to, they can go all-out for Halloween — and usually, they do. Heidi Klum may be famous for her use of extreme prosthetics to make her All Hallow’s Eve dreams come true, but apparently, Ariana Grande is right behind her. The pop star is channeling The Twilight Zone for her 2019 Halloween costume, and it’s the perfect look for her on so many levels. 
Earlier this week, Grande teased images and clips from the 1960 The Twilight Zone episode “Eye of the Beholder” on Instagram. In the episode, a woman named Janet (portrayed by Maxine Stuart and Donna Douglas at different points in the episode) is covered by bandages, having just had plastic surgery to make her face “normal.” When the doctors remove the bandages, Janet is revealed to be a beautiful woman — yet the doctors, whose faces we have not seen yet, declare the surgery failed. It’s then revealed that the doctors aren’t exactly human: They have pig-like faces with turned-up noses, and this look is considered “beautiful” in their world. 
The episode is a nod to the line “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” suggesting that there is no one true standard of beauty, only an illusion of it. It’s a deep costume, you guys — and Grande apparently spent a lot of time getting ready for it. 
Though she hasn’t debuted her look yet, she responded to a fan Tuesday who photoshopped a pig mask onto her face, confirming this is the costume she’s going with. 
“when i tell u ...... my ass spent five hours in prosthetics and glam .... so i could log on and discover i could’ve just hit you up for this fuckin edit,” she joked. 
It’s too bad no one told Grande that the original mask from the TV series was recently up for auction.  
It makes sense that Grande would go with this look for Halloween. She’s obsessed with pigs, including the one she adopted with then-boyfriend Pete Davidson, Piggy Smalls. She adores a good black-and-white photo, a la every other post on her Instagram. She’s also a fan of old school Hollywood, having gone as Bette Davis in 1950 film All About Eve for Halloween in 2017. 
For the record: Grande knows her costume will freak some people out.
"I'm sry," she responded to a fan who said she was "scaring the children" with her pig look.
Don't call her angel: She's a pig now.
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