This Scorpio Season, Embrace Your Kinky Side

Photographed by Jessica Garcia.
The days are getting shorter. The weather’s getting colder. There’s a spooky feeling in the air. That’s right: Scorpio season is almost here.
The eighth sign of the zodiac might be the most intense. Scorpio is associated with sex, mystery, and transformation. “From October 23 to November 22, all signs will be feeling this sign’s introspective, kinky, and hypnotic-like vibe,” Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer for and, tells Refinery29.
“As the energy of the sun, our main star, shifts to the sign of Scorpio, not only will the overall mood shift but even the days will start to embrace a darker undertone,” Montúfar explains. “It is no coincidence that Halloween and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) happen during Scorpio season — after all, it is the natural ruler of the eighth house and the realm of sex, death, rebirth, and transformation.”
This Scorpio season is “bound to be intense due to certain planetary alignments,” but “it holds the keys to release negative emotions and patterns that might be holding us back in order to reach deep transformation,” Montúfar adds.
Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, beginning on Halloween, “forms a very rare meet-up with the hot sun in this emotional and sensitive sign,” she says. “Very important information will be coming to the surface, when going with the flow will be crucial — especially as unexpected events force us to make radical changes at a moment’s notice.”
Sterling Bowen, an astrologer for the app Sanctuary, says, “Scorpio season is about digging deep, and this year, we’re going to see it dialed up to 100. Mercury is adding to the drama when it enters its retrograde phase on Halloween (boo!), so there’s a chaotic, confused type of passion in the air.”
While Mercury retrograde is a big factor, the positions of the other planets also have an influence on Scorpio season. “Early on, Venus and Pluto form a connection that triggers our animal instinct of desire and promotes transformation, especially where love and power are concerned,” Bowen says. “Later, Mars squares Pluto to light a little fire under our asses and puts action behind the changes we’re making in our lives. Just make sure not to get caught in the illusions created by the Venus and Neptune’s connection in the second half of the season, or else all of that transformation is at risk of fizzling out.”
While the early days of Scorpio season may seem difficult, things will start looking up soon. “The beginning of Scorpio season might put us through some tests — especially around the October 27 new moon in Scorpio," Montúfar says. "But the second part comes with the promise of real, tangible progress and unique opportunities, brought by the positive and healing full moon in Taurus on November 12."

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