These Lesser-Known Symbols For Scorpio Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
It's one of the first things you learn about the signs of the Zodiac: Aries is a ram, Taurus is a bull, and on it goes. Each sign's representative symbol, be it an animal, person, or (in Libra's case) an inanimate object, can tell you a lot about its overall personality. But, what you thought was one of the most straightforward symbols comes with a catch.
Although Scorpio is most commonly represented by a scorpion, this mysterious sign actually has a few other animals associated with it — specifically, the serpent, eagle, and phoenix. This is not to say that the scorpion doesn't accurately reflect the Scorpio archetype, but these other symbols capture aspects of this sign that may be omitted from your average Scorp personality profile.
If you happen to be a Scorp and believe in the idea that we're all slowly growing into our sun signs, you can even look at each symbol as a different stage in your Scorpionic evolution. With any luck, you'll be a phoenix in no time.
We spoke with Tali Edut of the Astrotwins to get a better idea of how all four of these animals (which, at least on paper, seem rather different) fit into the same sign.

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