The Perfect Halloween Costume That’s Hiding In Your Zodiac Sign

There's nothing quite like finding a Halloween costume that feels right on you. And, if you identify with your astrological sign, the symbol that represents your sign is a no-brainer source of authentic costume inspo.
If that approach to your Halloween ensemble sounds too simple, it's high time you gave your sign's symbol another look. Upon deeper consideration, you'll probably find that it embodies your signs' personality, behavior, likes, and dislikes, to a greater extent than you originally thought.
Sure, Scorpio's symbol of a Scorpion is easily dismissed as a surface-level representation of a complex sign. But, when you take into account the mythical reputation of the scorpion in the animal kingdom and compare that to enigmatic, almost dangerous air surrounding people born under the sign, you'll find that this symbol is far from coincidental. And there's a similar explanation for every sign in the Zodiac.
If you've been overlooking your sign's symbol all this time, there just might be a perfect Halloween costume hidden within it. Ahead, discover what truly represents your astrological sign and how to rock it on All Hallows' Eve.

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