Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next Perfume Has Its Own Version Of Her Iconic Music Video

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images/AG.
Thank you, Ariana Grande, for bringing us the next installment of the high school movie-inspired “Thank U, Next” music video. The video is a commercial for her new perfume, appropriately named Thank U, Next, and takes us right back to the cheerleaders and burn books of North Shore High School and Rancho Carne High.

In the video, singer and Grande pal Colleen Ballinger chats to the camera at her locker, baby in tow in a carrier. “I heard Ariana has a new perfume,” she says, kicking off more students gossiping about Grande like that legendary scene in Mean Girls. Each of the rumors list off a fragrance note in her perfume. “I heard she sings to her rose garden every day,” said one student, while another says, “Well, I heard she swam with actual mermaids in the Bermuda Triangle and convinced them to give her the velvety musk of their new sea god.” Thank U, Next includes top notes of rose, white pear, raspberry, coconut, and a musky base note.

The best moment of the video is an appearance from the East Compton Clovers, who call Thank U, Next a “little fragrance.” Grande makes an appearance in a Toros cheerleader uniform and pokes fun at herself, saying that she’s “not the biggest Ariana Grande fan.” There’s also a joke about the perfume containing a lock from Grande’s iconic ponytail. It doesn’t actually contain eau de hair, but the perfume does come in a very adorable broken heart bottle — the perfect fragrance for getting back out onto the dating scene.

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