Sarah Penna & Lisa Berger Love Romance Novels (& You Should, Too)

Frolic is the entertainment media brand for modern romance fans. It brings together a community of diverse voices including authors, fans, bookstagrammers, and storytellers to deliver feel-good content. On the site, you’ll find daily content written by the top romance authors, bloggers, and bookstagrammers. There’s also a Frolic newsletter, where romance lovers can get book recommendations from best-selling authors, find product reviews, and read Frolic articles you may have missed. Here’s what makes Sarah Penna and Lisa Berger, the co-founders of this welcoming community, feel powerful...

Sarah Penna:

I feel most powerful when... 
I am laser-focused on what's most important to me 
Power to me means... 
Actually being vulnerable and knowing what you don't know
What do you do when you feel powerless? 
I talk to my network of amazing friends about finding solutions (while eating a pint of ice cream).
What's your power anthem?
“The Greatest” by Sia
Who's your power icon? 
Gina Rodriguez 
What do you wear when you want to feel powerful?
All black 

Lisa Berger:

I feel most powerful when…
I am with my kids and they aren’t on their phones.
Power to me means… 
Not believing in the Hype and staying true to yourself.
What do you do when you feel powerless? 
Escape into a good binge watch.
What's your power anthem? 
Anything from any Prince album.
Who's your power icon? 
Megan Rapinoe
What do you wear when you want to feel powerful? 
My spin shoes. 
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