Kaitlynn Carter & Brody Jenner Get Candid About Open Relationship & Spiritual Marriage

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Despite having a wedding in Indonesia, Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter's split revealed that the two were not legally married in the United States. While The Hills: New Beginnings has yet to catch up with their split, or the fact that Carter has reportedly moved on with Miley Cyrus, it is diving into the nature of the couple's relationship before their split, the rumors that they kept things open when they were still together.
All the speculation was somewhat of a sore point on last night's Hills finale. In several scenes, the couple found themselves defending their relationship, with Jenner telling pal Spencer Pratt that while they haven't made things legal, they are spiritually married.
"We're fine with the way our marriage is set up, just perfectly set up," he said. "Thank you for your concern."
In another scene, Jenner said they've just been "incredibly busy."
"We just haven’t gotten around to going to do it in the whole courthouse or however we’re going to decide to get legally married," he explained. "Like I said, whether you put it on a piece of paper or have just a celebration in Indonesia, we’re married and she’s my wife and I love her to death."
Meanwhile, Carter found herself defending the open nature of her relationship with the reality star, saying he's only had sex with other women while Carter has also been part of it.
“There’s not one part of our relationship that I’m ashamed of or that I would do differently,” she said in the episode. “I just think that the world isn’t necessarily ready to hear about all that. Not everybody is so open-minded or accepting of other people. But as long as what we’re doing is working for us, that’s the most important thing.”
And apparently, it's still working, since the exes are still on good terms. Jenner posted an Instagram defending Carter when she was first spotted with Cyrus, and Cyrus and Carter sent Jenner a joint birthday present. Let's just say the second season of The Hills: New Beginnings will be interesting.

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