Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers Now Have A Podcast

When the Astro Poets reached 500,000 Twitter followers earlier this month, they tweeted, “500k & we love you like a Pisces would.” Since November 2016, Dorothea Lasky and Alex Dimitrov — both successful poets — have made astrology fans laugh and astrology newbies learn with tweets like, “You: Is anyone even happy. People banging a Taurus: Yeah lmao.” Their weekly horoscopes are purely poetic: “Week of 8/18 in Scorpio: It’s so clear what you want. You may deny it. But that’s part of the process. A process you probably don’t have time for.”
Now, the Astro Poets are launching a podcast — bringing their signature blend of astrology knowledge, humor, and poetry to a new medium and letting fans get to know the people behind the Twitter account. The very first episode (listen below) kicks off with "Astrological Sign Poem." Lines include, "Gemini, you have the courage to not love anything," and "Cancer, you love your fantasy, too."
"Our Twitter tends to be memes, the ‘signs as’ format, etc. and we don't really get to share a lot of personal anecdotes. I think sometimes people don't even know that we are people, that there's actually people behind the Twitter account,” Dimitrov, a Sagittarius, tells Refinery29. “Hopefully the podcast will be a way to humanize our Twitter and us. We're also going to bring on our friends who are writers and witches, which is something we can't do in the same way in our book or online."  
Cole C. Wilson
Lasky, an Aries, adds that the podcast will be a new way for the poets to communicate with their audience: "We were getting so many questions on our Twitter where people wanted advice that was astrologically focused. We thought, ‘Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a show to address some of people's questions?’ We also really love poetry and astrology, you know, we are the Astro Poets, and we wanted a space where we could talk about the intersection of both in a more open format."
And, unlike many astrology podcasts, you don’t have know to know what a stellium is to listen to the Astro Poets Podcast — it’s beginner-friendly. “Our audience is really everybody, just like our Twitter. I mean, we have so many different kinds of people following us, especially teen girls. I always think of our audience as the girls and the gays,” Dimitrov jokes. “You can definitely listen to the podcast and know nothing about astrology, and maybe not even care about astrology. I mean, to be honest, a lot of the show obviously has to do with astrology on some level, but it's also a lot of stories and anecdotes, it's a little bit of poetry, a little bit of pop culture. It's kind of like everything.”
The Astro Poets Podcast, produced by Macmillan Podcasts, will air biweekly beginning on August 28th — you can listen and subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts or any major podcast app (a trailer is already live). And on October 29th, the Astro Poets’ first book,  Astro Poets: Your Guide to the Zodiac, will hit bookstores. Listen to the first episode below.

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