Onyeka’s Time On Bachelor In Paradise Isn’t Easy, But The Bachelor Was Rougher

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So far, on season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, Onyeka Ehie hasn't caused any drama. But, when Onyeka was on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season, it was a completely different story. Viewers and the show's producers alike probably expected she would stir things up in Paradise — and there's still plenty of time for that — but she's been more of a commentator and supportive friend for other contestants during the first two weeks.
If you missed Colton's season or just need a reminder, Onyeka was introduced as a 24-year-old IT risk consultant from Dallas, and on night one, she really made herself known. At one point during the inaugural cocktail party, Onyeka popped up with a snorkel and said to Colton, "I heard you're drowning in some bitches." During the second episode, she decided to forgo the traditional "can I steal you for a sec?" and interrupt Colton's conversation with Sydney Lotuaco using an air horn.
But Onyeka was not just known for her prop work, she also contributed to the drama in a more traditional sense: getting into a feud with another contestant. Onyeka had a beef with Nicole Lopez-Alvar, who, like Sydney, is now her fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant.
Nicole and Onyeka's disagreement had to do with two things: One, Onyeka telling Colton that she heard Nicole was there for the wrong reasons, and two, Nicole crying an amount that Onyeka thought was too much.
During the fifth episode, Onyeka told Colton that she heard from another contestant, Elyse Dehlbom, that Nicole had said she joined the show to get out of Miami. (This doesn't sound that bad, but it's A Big Deal on The Bachelor.) Tayshia Adams, who is also a current BiP contestant, then said that she was there for the convo that Elyse was talking about, and Elyse was incorrect. Conveniently, Elyse has already walked off the show in her "statement dress" at this point, so we couldn't hear a rebuttal from her directly.
Eventually, Nicole and Onyeka really got into it. Nicole called Onyeka a bully. Onyeka called Nicole "emotionally unstable" for crying all the time. (In a deleted scene, they had previously had a similar, but calmer conversation.)
Colton joined the argument to try to figure out what the hell was happening, but couldn't get a word in. At the next rose ceremony, he gave Nicole and Onyeka the boot, as well as Katie Morton and Demi Burnett (Sydney eliminated herself earlier that evening). Note: All of these women are currently on BiP. Apparently, week five is the week to go if you'd like to continue your Bachelor tenure in Mexico.
Now, aside from Onyeka showing up with her air horn on the premiere of BiP, none of this drama has been seen from her again. Sure, she's been staunchly anti-Blake Horstmann and made some critical comments in her confessionals, but she's not starting feuds.
Still, Paradise hasn't been easy. Onyeka's been through two rose ceremonies and hasn't made a connection on the beach, which in recent episodes has started to wear on her. Whatever happens, it doesn't seem to have ruined her summer though: She seems happy to promote her time in Paradise all over Instagram.
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So perhaps it's not so bad in Bachelor Nation this time around?

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