Nicole's Bachelor Appearance Didn't Really Show Us Who She Was

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So far Bachelor in Paradise has been a totally different experience for Nicole Lopez-Alvar than her time on The Bachelor. On Colton Underwood's season, Nicole never got a one-on-one date, and so far in Paradise she's had three in the two weeks that the show's been airing. She's right to call herself the Bachelorette of Paradise. She didn't have a much of a chance to show off her personality on The Bachelor, but that's changing now — mostly because she's not caught up in a fight with Onyeka Ehie in Paradise like she was on The Bachelor.
On Colton Underwood's season, Nicole was known as the "Social Media Coordinator" from Miami (on Paradise, she's referred to herself as a writer, but more on that in a bit), who cried a lot. Her quick-to-tears nature seemed to irk some of her fellow contestants, with Onyeka confronting Nicole about it at one point. "I've been discussing things with other people, and, um, sometimes it's a question whether or not you’re fully emotionally stable to be in a committed relationship," Onyeka told Nicole about her penchant for crying. Nicole defended herself by saying that she's just not afraid of being vulnerable and that's how she connects with people. But it wasn't the last time Nicole would clash with Onyeka.
In Week 5, Onyeka took her concerns about Nicole to Colton. He then wanted to hear Nicole's side of the story, and then both of the women's together. It resulted in a drawn-out confrontation where Nicole said she felt she was being bullied and Onyeka felt Nicole wasn't there for the "right reasons." Eventually Colton sent both women home during that week's rose ceremony.
Things have been much smoother for Nicole on Bachelor in Paradise. She's had multiple dates with men she likes, and she and Onyeka haven't had any bad blood this time. There is the whole issue with Jordan Kimball and Christian Estrada getting into a fight over a piñata that Christian got Nicole, but that's really a fight between their egos. Nicole is not as involved in that battle. She's just laying low and trying to enjoy being the Bachelorette of Paradise.
When she's not on reality TV, Nicole does produce social media content like her ABC Bachelor bio said. She's also a writer, as she explained to Jordan while on BiP. According to her LinkedIn, she currently writes for the Miami New Times and she previously wrote for WSVN Channel 7 in Miami as well. She also produces content for the event agency SWARM and CapGenius, which is an app to help people with their social media captions. (Fun fact, the CapGenius founder is also a reality star — Jordan Verroi from Bravo's Summer House.)
It makes total sense that Nicole writes for CapGenius, because her own Instagram captions are pretty great. She's always ready with a pun or witty comment at the right time. For example, she posted her BiP headshot alongside this caption: "Just trying to get tide down this summer." And after Arya from Game of Thrones did you know what to the Night King, Nicole captioned a stunning selfie, "BAE (Big Arya Energy)."
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Nicole brought that Big Arya Energy to Paradise where she has not one but three men fighting over her (two of them literally so). Basically, she doesn't have much reason to cry this reality TV time around, but it'd be OK if she did. That's just Nicole being her vulnerable self.

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