Nicole Is Actually Low-Key The Funniest Contestant On The Bachelor 

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Every Bachelor season needs a narrator, someone who can offer hilarious commentary on the awkward and wacky things that happen on this show. Usually these people stay out of the drama, observing it for how wild it truly is right along with the audience. So far, on Colton's Bachelor season, Nicole is shaping up to be this proxy for viewers. She keeps it real, she's hilarious, and Nicole's Instagram further proves that The Bachelor star is low-key the funniest contestant this season.
Hailing from Miami, Nicole is a 25-year-old social media coordinator. Her LinkedIn also shows that she's a journalist — so it's no wonder she has a way with words. In the premiere she joked about a fellow contestant showing up as the fashion police saying, "Thank god the fashion police is here because I've never seen so many sequins in my life." Then she poked fun at her own more casual gown, saying, "I had no idea; I didn't get the debutante, Miss America memo." Someone needs to put that on a t-shirt, stat.
But Nicole doesn't just keep it real on the show. On social media, she posts a ton of pics of delicious food, knows her way around a silly pun-filled caption, and isn't afraid to throwback pictures, complete with very dated fashion choices. In this picture she joked that being on The Bachelor made her as happy as free food. (How stoked must she have been to find out all the food during Bachelor production is also free?)
Nicole has puns for days, but also acknowledges how obnoxiously cheesy they can sometimes be. Like that time she wrote about her life peaking (while on a mountain), "taking a moment to paws and rufflect" with her pooch, getting served with backhanded compliments in a tennis pic, or that time she made a pun even a mother couldn't love. "I told my mom I was going to caption this 'Adidas best as I could' and she straight up told me to pack my bags," Nicole wrote in the caption.
Nicole's also compared herself to a celeb or two, like when she joked that her horse riding skills were royal family-worthy. Or that she out-Rihanna'd RiRi at the Met Gala. Yep, she photoshopped her younger self into a series of Met Gala photos, and her outfit slays, OK? (Click through to see the whole hilarious photoshop adventure.) She's also pretty self aware, joking about that time she made someone's wedding about herself for "5-7 mins" to get a glam pic — the nerve.
Hopefully we see even more of this humorous side of Nicole on Colton's season, because, honestly, we could all use a laugh and a break from the endless Demi drama (and Caelynn and Hannah B. drama, for that matter) now and again.

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