Kate Beckinsale Is Rocking A Blonde Bob For Summer — & It Looks So Good

Photo: Foc Kan/WireImage/Getty Images.
Leo season is almost here, and among the celebrities channeling all that B.L.E (Big Leo Energy) is Kate Beckinsale.
The actress, who turns 46 this week, decided to kick off her birthday month with a bright-blonde bob — a total departure from her signature long, brunette waves. The major change is for her upcoming role in the action-comedy film Jolt, but it seems that Beckinsale loves the style just as much off-screen. In the past week, she's already posted five Instagram shots of her rocking the bob, including one in which she's squatting over an air conditioner to keep cool on set. (Relatable.)
Fans and fellow celebrities have also noticed how much the actress seems to be enjoying her new look. "Kinda fun being blonde isn't it?" wrote Real Housewife Lisa Rinna. While it's pretty obvious the change comes courtesy of a wig — she was spotted at Wimbledon just a few days earlier with her long dark hair and balayage highlights — it seems that the Underworld star could be ready for a more lasting hair transformation based on her recent posting spree.
If she did take on this new look permanently, Beckinsale would join a wave of celebrities who have jumped on the blonde bob train this summer, including Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, and Bella Hadid. There's just something about that Leo energy that calls for a big change — especially when it looks this good.

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