Kate Beckinsale Says Pete Davidson Comes With His Own "Little Bag Of Mischief"

Photo: JD Images/Shutterstock.
Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale are doing a lot of talking about each other without actually talking about each other. Davidson talked about the concept of romantic age differences on Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago, and now Beckinsale isn't naming names, per se, but is opening up about the difficulties of dating someone the whole world suddenly can't get enough of.
"I’m surprised by the interest [in my dating life]," she told the Los Angeles Times. "I’ve never been in this position before — never dated anybody who comes with their own bag of mischief. It’s all quite shocking, and something to get used to."
What exactly is inside Davidson's bag of mischief (lollipops, tattoo guns, SNL scripts) we may never know, but luckily it seems Beckinsale believes their relationship — or whatever it is — is strong enough to withstand the constant speculation.
"I think if you liked the person less, you would bow out of it," she said. "If that were the main thrust of the relationship, there would be a problem. But it’s not … I’d rather not having people hiding outside my house. It’s a little old fashioned to have a woman’s personal life [looked at like that]. It’s a little bit tired."
Davidson similarly was dismissive of the public interest when he was previously engaged to Ariana Grande. He deleted his social media in the midst of the relationship, and openly struggled with online bullying after the breakup.
"I've kept my mouth shut. Never mentioned any names, never said a word about anyone or anything," the now-deleted Instagram statement read. "I'm trying to understand how when something happens to a guy the whole world just trashes him without any facts or frame of reference. Especially in today's climate where everyone loves to be offended and upset it truly is mind boggling."
This is likely why he and Beckinsale are not being as open about their relationship as fans demand. It's okay, though — all that making out at sports games will suffice.

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