Emma Chamberlain & Spencer Pratt Are Debuting Mini-Reality Shows On Snapchat Along With 17 Other Creators

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It's not new news that the way young and old people consume media is changing. But it is new news that Snapchat is debuting a slew of brand-new shows by some of the biggest names in social media, in what seems like a reality TV show roster for the youths. Snapchat announced the "Creator Show" series this morning, including the 19 — yes 19 — top creators that will be rolling out regular content on the app. And the names included span decades and interests.
While popular and cheeky reality programs like Love Island, The Bachelorette, and Queer Eye still dominate network and streaming platformsthey're all a bit traditional in format for the modern social media user. Snapchat users are looking for some easy-to-consume content clocking in around five-minutes instead of 55. It's bite-sized TV for Gen Z.
So, who's involved? There's The Hills' Spencer Pratt, who will have a show called Chasing Clout where he examines "Who’s chasing clout and who’s making it? Only pop culture oracle Spencer Pratt can decide." Then you have Emma Chamberlain, whose show still remains "Untitled" at the moment, but fans of hers can surely expect an even more unfiltered look at her life. In a press release from Snapchat, Chamberlain explained by why she's decided to expand her Gen Z empire from YouTube to Snapchat. “Snapchat has always been my favorite platform to post random and funny things on because it’s so relaxed," she said. "My favorite part about it is that I get to watch my own Snapchat Stories a few hours after I post them for entertainment.... kind of embarrassing, I know…" (Who doesn't' do that though?)
Serena Williams will have her own show, as will Kevin Hart, and possibly even 71-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will be offering motivational advice like this. The youth needs this.
The shows, like the talent themselves, will be personality driven, and are all set to premiere in 2019 or early 2020. They'll be in the Discover channel section, and are short enough to not takeaway from any of your other binge-watch commitments. If you thought Snap was over because of what Kylie Jenner said that one time, now may be a good time to re-download the app.
Here's the rest of the roster:
Trend or End with Rickey Thompson - Camo pants are so 2018… but flamin’ hot cheetos are a major trend. Rickey Thompson is the judge, jury, and executioner of all things fashion and lifestyle in this Snapchat series. Premieres July 10.
Glow Up with Loren Gray - Gen Z icon Loren Gray is sharing her expert advice by weaving heartfelt affirmations into practical beauty tutorials. Premiering July 11.
Throwback Toys with Jordyn Jones - Jordyn Jones is going way back in time to unbox her favorite toys from growing up and give them a real talk adult review! Premieres July 12.
Keepin’ It Real with Keke Palmer - Dive into Keke’s mind for advice on all of life’s crazy situations…it’s a Dear Abby in the DM’s. Premieres July 13.
Get Creative with GeeohSnap - Amazing artwork awaits when creator and illustrator GeeOhSnap teaches you all his tricks to create incredible art with the Snap Camera. Premieres July 14.
Rules of Success with Arnold Schwarzenegger - It’s Arnold in your pocket! Tune-in every episode for motivational advice from the legend himself.
Untitled Creator Show with Serena Williams
Untitled Creator Show with Kevin Hart
Untitled Creator Show with Maddie Ziegler
Untitled Creator Show with Emma Chamberlain
Untitled Creator Show with Baby Ariel - The internet’s own Baby Ariel unpacks transformative life events with famous guests from all walks of life.
Untitled Creator Show with Chantel Jeffries
Untitled Creator Show with Mackenzie Ziegler
Chasing Clout with Spencer Pratt - Who’s chasing clout and who’s making it? Only pop culture oracle Spencer Pratt can decide.
Untitled Creator Show with FaZe Banks
Untitled Creator Show with Denzel Dion
In The Wild with The Real Tarzann - Things are getting WILD in Miami! Join exotic animal expert Mike Holston AKA The Real Tarzann to meet a new animal friend every episode.
Untitled Creator Show with Teala Dunn
Untitled Creator Show with Jibrizy

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