Chris Pratt Reveals A Horrifying — & Naked — Honeymoon Photo

Photo: Jeff Spicer/WireImage.
No matter where you’re going for your honeymoon, always be sure to pack your SPF. It’s a lesson one Marvel superhero is learning the painful way, unfortunately. If you’ve ever wanted to see Chris Pratt’s butt, well, here’s your chance. Warning: it’s not sexy in the slightest, and will have you clutching your Coppertone in despair.
Pratt got only sunburn during his honeymoon with new wife Katherine Schwarzenegger. He shared a photo of his naked back and ass on Instagram, cooked to medium-rare perfection. “Suns out guns out,” he wrote as the photo’s caption. “I might have got a toouuuch crispy on the honeymoon,” which is a massive understatement. The eye can’t help but travel straight to the Star-Lord’s butt crack: it’s the only unscathed area among a sea of red, inflamed skin. So much for enjoying the, uh, real purpose of the honeymoon, because Pratt is probably in a world of pain right now.
Katherine Schwarzenegger, Pratt's wife, replied with an apt series of fire emojis, while Gwyneth Paltrow commented with exactly what he needs: "I've got some goop for that."
Not to sound like a nagging parent, but Pratt is the perfect example of why sunscreen is important. Sunburns definitely suck, but skin cancer sucks more, and can be prevented by regularly wearing SPF on all exposed skin. This goes for every skin tone, and every amount of sun exposure. Sunscreen now comes in a variety of more-cosmetically elegant formulas, so there’s really no excuse for skipping the SPF. And if you happen to char your skin like Pratt, sunburn home remedies can help ease the misery. Slather on the aloe vera gel, try to not to itch, definitely do not peel your skin, and stay in the cool shade until your skin heals. Learn from Andy Dwyer’s mistake.

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