Don't Have Time To Watch Jessica Jones Season 3? This Is How It Ends

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Marvel's Jessica Jones series finale “A.K.A. Everything.”
There is so much television right now. Like, this much television. So, if you fell off the Jessica Jones bandwagon with last year’s polarizing second season, it’s possible you’re not exactly sure jumping back in for the Netflix’s drama’s 13-episode third and final season is for you. However, you’re probably wondering how the crown jewel of the Marvel-Netflix collaboration actually comes to an end with series finale “A.K.A. Everything.”
The answer is "painfully" for the superhero noir’s main duo of Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), the titular detective's oftentimes estranged adoptive sister/best friend. Oh, and there’s a Kilgrave (David Tennant) cameo Twitter may just blow up over.
Jessica Jones season 2 hinted at the possibility of a Jessica vs. Trish showdown. Trish spent much of the series’ 2018 run criticizing Jessica’s superhero ennui and ends the season by killing her best friend’s unstable mom, Alisa (Janet McTeer). By the season 3 finale, all such resentful subtext has become text. Trish, officially powered by catlike abilities, has become a coldblooded killer with the kind of self righteousness that would make Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) proud.
“Everything” begins with the aftermath of Trish’s most brutal kill: the elevator murder of season 3 baddie Gregory Sallinger (Russian Doll sleeze Jeremy Bobb). He spends the season terrorizing New York City, obsessing over Jessica, the people closest to her, and her powers. In the season’s eighth episode, “A.K.A. Camera Friendly,” Sallinger kills Trish’s mom, Dorothy Walker (Rebecca De Mornay). This tragedy sends Trish on a path towards vengeance that she confuses for justice. With the help of Jessica Jones newbie Erik Gelden (Benjamin Walker, former presidential vampire hunter), whose power is sensing wrongdoing in the people around him, she tracks down a dirty cop named Nussbaumer and an arsonist contractor named Montero.
She kills both of them in “A.K.A. Hellcat” sort of by accident.
Then, in the penultimate episode “A.K.A. Lotta Worms,” Trish gets her hands on Sallinger, who is in police custody and heavily chained. She beats him to death, stomping his head in. It was premeditated. Trish has gone over to the dark side, which is confirmed by her “Everything” meeting with Erik. There is now something so malevolent in Trish, Erik’s eyes start bleeding just because he’s in the same room as her. Jessica wants Trish to turn herself in, thereby saving her soul. It’s only a matter of time before she eliminates someone who is either “redeemable” or simply innocent, as Jessica says.
But that would be too easy. So, Trish slips out of her hiding spot, kicking off an episode-long cat-and-mouse game between the Jessica Jones sisters. Eventually, Jessica finds Trish in a Farmingdale airport on Long Island. Shady criminal whisperer Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) brought Trish there under duress as a last-ditch effort to help her escape capture (Trish would have killed Jeri’s new love interest Kith otherwise). A dubious contractor with a side business of smuggling criminals will fly Trish to Thailand. From there, she can go anywhere. The only catch is, Trish has to spend the 17-hour flight in a coffin.
Jessica finds Trish in said coffin, and a fight begins. Trish, cornered, goes to fatally knife Jessica in order to escape. But, Jessica lets Trish stab her in the hand instead, giving herself the chance to pick Trish up and body slam her onto the ground, knocking her out. The next time we see Trish, she is red-faced in police custody listening to her many charges. “I’m the bad guy,” she says. In Trish's next scene, armed guards are escorting her onto a helicopter likely headed for “The Raft,” a still-unseen and sometimes whispered about underwater Marvel Cinematic Universe prison for the superpowered.
Whatever shadowy body runs The Raft called jurisdiction on the Trish case, as detective Eddy Costa (John Ventimiglia) tells her in custody. These are the guards we see walking Trish into her imprisoned next chapter.
This is the future an extremely well-dressed Luke Cage (Mike Colter) advised for Jessica at the beginning of “Everything.” He shows up at her office/apartment to explain that he took down his own sibling, half-brother Willis Stryker (Erik LaRay Harvey), which we see in Luke Cage season 1. Luke confirms super-powered Willis was sent to The Raft. Trish, for her part, doesn’t look too upset about heading to her new watery home. Jessica goes to the edge of the Eastside helicopter pad where Trish is to leaving from and watches her from a fence. Catlike Trish sees Jessica and nods with prolonged eye contact. This is the end of their story.
With Trish taken care of, Jessica attempts to flee New York. She hands over her Alias Investigation keys to Malcolm Ducasse (Eka Darville) and sets up Costa and Erik to work together. But when Jessica makes it to Grand Central Station to hop on a train goin’ anywhere (or, more specifically, Mexico-by-way-of-Texas), the scene turns purple, and Kilgrave appears through voiceover. “You’re right to give up. Give in,” he says. “It’s someone else’s job now.” It’s an important reminder that Jessica’s Kilgrave related trauma never really disappears. This is something she struggles with everyday. And, no, it does not mean he is still somehow alive.
So Jessica forgets the train ticket and heads back onto the mean streets of New York City. Even if we never see Jessica Jones again, just know she’s still out there fighting.

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